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About Champions Medal Foundation

Champions Medal Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Founded on April 9, 2004, the Champion Medal Foundation was inspired and formed by Francina J. Price and principals. It was their desire to give back to the community by offering their time, support, love and financial contributions toward organizations that have impacted family and friends. Having personally witnessed how the effects of Autism, Multiple Sclerosis and "at-risk" youth can affect the community, they decide to be advocates for these organizations. Our goals are to foster the "Champion" within each youth whose life we touch; to educate ourselves and the community about Autism and Multiple Sclerosis; and, to daily commit ourselves to the service of others and God. Standing firm in the faith that love, self sacrifice and commitment can change the world for the better.

Our Vision….Serves Two Purposes

In the past two years, Champions Medal Foundation has looked for ways to improve it’s ability to serve and reach more people.

Champions Medal Foundation fosters an environment that believes in “championing” individuals and their dreams that create positive change in the world. So, we launched a “business development incubation” program designed to help leverage young talent. Our team realizes that we are not always able to give financial support but we can provide a platform for the transfer of knowledge, giving oversight and support.

Our goal as an organization is to help restore the hope of women and youth by providing training and development to assist them with being successful in every area of their life. Additionally, we have a business development model that partners with upcoming entrepreneurs’ who demonstrate a passion for their communities. Their heart is to use their gifts and talents to give back by founding their own non profit or supporting nonprofit organizations in their fundraising efforts.

We need leaders to serve and to help us connect these young women with other leaders who can provide valuable insight, education and wisdom on building a sustainable organization that provides services and support to our communities.

Our Need….Two Initiatives

ONE: Existing Program: Continual sponsorship of “CTJ Money” Program being taught at Every Woman Works on a quarterly basis - $150 per woman scholarship

  1. Raise funds for scholarships for women; average class size 30 women

TWO: New Program: “Developing Americas Future” leadership development program for entrepreneuers who have a passion for developing, launching a nonprofit.

  1. Recruit a team to create an evaluation process for nonprofits that submit for fiscal sponsorship
    1. Recruit/Develop Panel of Educators, Mentors and Coaches
    2. Serve on monthly/quarterly panel
    3. Provide advice, contacts, and education
    4. Open doors for resources (in-kind, financial, exposure)
  2. Raise funds to offer scholarships to assist businesses with setup fees
  3. Volunteer at various events sponsored by “developing nonprofits”

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